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Back to Block: How Teaching Undergrads has Re-Opened my Eyes to the Importance of Our OD Work

Anne Pellicciotto, Founder and President of SeeChange

As a guest professor at the University of Maryland, Anne is not only teaching, but re-learning the core principles of OD. By going “back” to Peter Block teachings, attendees will explore the core concepts of authenticity, engagement, and resistance.

The Heart of Resilience: Embracing the Wisdom of Mind, Body and Emotion

Barbara Beizer & Wendy Luke, Co-Founders of Resilience Lab

Resilient, grounded leaders and practitioners are productive under pressure. They recover faster; they adapt and learn from experience more effectively; they make better decisions; they communicate more clearly, and they lead change more powerfully. Resilience Lab offers a multi-disciplinary, experiential approach to understanding what makes an individual resilient, with exercises designed to leverage, align and expand one’s mental, physical and emotional capacity for resilient leadership.

Narrative Intelligence

Friderike Butler, Chief Human Potential Catalyst at Butler Communication

We are telling and living stories every day. Some are powerful and uplifting. Some are grounded in limiting beliefs that box us and others in. This talk explores the power of self-narrative and how the stories you are telling yourself and others about yourself are impacting your life – the choices you see for yourself, the way others perceive you, and the possibilities you are creating for yourself. Learn 3 simple re-framing techniques!

Grounding Self in OD’s Past to Create a Powerful OD Future

Gilmore Crosby, President of Gilmore and Crosby

OD is in danger of losing the practical and reliable methods that has been its foundation for decades. In this session, attendees will learn practical knowledge of “Use of Self”, Application of T-Group, as well as gain knowledge of Kurt Lewin’s use of Action Research.

The Systems Perspective

Harrison Snow, Senior Management Consultant of Change Dynamics

An essential leadership competency is the ability to “see the system.” Not only the larger system but the network of subsystems within the organization and their relationship with each other. During this highly informative workshop we will walk through mapping an organizational system to uncover insights for desired change.


Sage Discernment: Powerful Decision Making for Leaders

Jane Lovas, CEO of Lovas Consulting

Sage Discernment™ opens the group up and moves them out of fear, anxiety and other low level feelings that are not constructive to thinking and ideas. As they let go of the negative thoughts and old ideas and open their consciousness, the group gains access to the field of infinite possibility which allows for the creation of new  thoughts and opportunities.

The Neuroscience of Trust – What You Need to Know about What Builds It & Erodes It

Jeannette Terry, CEO of TerconPartners, Inc

Trust is the currency of leadership; unfortunately, it’s at an all- time low in both public and private sectors. This presentation reviews key findings from recent trust research that can assist practitioners in maintaining high trust relationships with clients and colleagues.

Reinventing Organizations

Jill Nissan, Workforce Planning Program Manager at the US Geological Survey

What color is your organization? This session sparks a discussion on “Reinventing Organizations” by Frederick Laloux. Laloux “paints a picture” of how organizations have evolved over time and the next frontier of organizing principles for organizations. The presenter invites participants to explore how Laloux categorizes organizations by color and envision what it might take for your own (or your client’s) organization to move along the spectrum of organizing principles.


Critical Thinking as an OD Necessity

John Egan, Co-Founder and Principal of Workforce Innovations

Critical thinking is the way we should approach everything we do - unprompted. Improving our critical thinking skills is a journey not a destination. In this session, the speaker will introduce the issues affecting critical thinking and challenge participants current level of critical thinking.


Optimistic or Delusional? The Planning Fallacy Bias

Jorja Wright, Logistics Manager at the Department of the Army

Planning fallacy is a specific bias pertaining to judgment in which project completion time is grossly underestimated and overly optimistic predictions affect the success of said project. In this session, the presenter will utilize a case study approach to define the application of the Planning Fallacy Bias.

Leadership, Power and Building Healthy Organizational Culture

Julie Diamond, CEO, Principal, Diamond Leadership

How leaders use their power and authority has an enormous impact on organizational culture, and as organizations become increasingly flat and self-managed, it’s imperative that everyone, not just leaders, understand how to use their power effectively and consciously. This session addresses, the psychological influences of power, how they undermine organizational culture, and keys for using power effectively.

Infinite Possibilities: A New Way of Thinking for the Modern Workplace

Laura English, Principal at Evans Incorporated & Jessica Zucal, Principal at Evans Incorporated

The Infinite Possibilities program is based on work by best-selling author and teacher Mike Dooley and is a solution that supports existing engagement and training initiatives. In this talk the presenters will expose you to the key concepts and techniques which help individuals and organizations move into a more future-focused end state. Whereby, this end state leads to positive outcomes and satisfaction.

Dynamic Leaders Leading Through Unsolvable Problems in a Constantly Changing Landscape

Laura Mendelow, Owner of Mendelow Consulting Group & Janet Goodman, Private Practice Psychologist

Organizations have shifted over the last few decades. We no longer see a model leader as one with a “command and control” style. During this highly interactive session, we will explore a Dynamic Leadership model. In addition, the facilitators will also reveal outcomes from recent academic research (conducted by the authors) that sheds light on the “balance” needed to create a culture of engagement for others.

Resilience When It Matters Most

Martha Johnson, Author, Speaker and Consultant & Harry Hutson, Author, Coach and Consultant

What is resilience about for leaders? Leaning into a storm, being authentic, creating new narratives, and finding openings of opportunity are part of good crisis leadership. They are also the essence of the daily life of a leader. Our material treats crisis as no longer a "what if" but a "when"; it is the new normal. Crisis leadership lessons are imperative for the next generation of leaders who need to be grounded even as the ground moves under their feet.

You are Not a Label

Mohamed Ali, Partner at LeadiN

In this session attendees will engage in a chronicle journey of a community in Dubai rooted in human-centered design, improv, and liberating structure. The presenter will share their own origin story and discuss why being exclusive is necessary to be inclusive. Attendees will walk away with examples of how to tap in the need for human connection and belonging.

Innovators, Instigators, and Initiators: How to Tap Your Inner Firestarter

Paul Eder, Lead Consultant at The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc & David Egan Community Relations Specialist at SourceAmerica

Join author Dr. Paul Eder and David Egan as they walk you through the research-based Firestarter Framework that can help anyone achieve their goals and make a difference in the world. David Egan will share how he thrives with Down Syndrome. How does he do it? His secret is accessible through the Firestarter Framework that is applicable to leaders in all walks of life.

Integrating Design Thinking Skills of Empathy, Observation, and Synthesis into Your Work

Rachel Thompson, Founder & Strategic Director of Daring Studios

This session focuses on utilizing problem solving design thinking to develop a human-centered solution.This interactive workshop will guide you through synthesizing thinking skills built on empathy and observation. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to integrate design thinking into your life.

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