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Baltimore OD MeetUp / CoP


Organization development and change practitioners of all kinds welcome. Whether you are a coach, an OD practitioner, a mediator, a facilitator, a dialogue and deliberation expert, a community organizer, a restorative justice practitioner, a mediator, or an aspiring change maker, join us!

We will meet and get to know one another. As we grow, interested folks could provide presentations or other offerings.

Meeting Frequency:
TBD - Looking to host events for this community in Baltimore specifically, instead of traveling to DC so often for fellowship in the field.

Meeting Venue:
See individual event descriptions.

Anne Hilb, ahilb@graymake.com

Upcoming events

    • 18 Sep 2019
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Private Residence NEAR Southside Saloon, 430 E Fort Ave Baltimore, MD (Please contact Anne directly for the location)

    Baltimore Organization Development MeetUp / Community of Practice

    Topic: Getting What You Want: Setting and Maintaining Boundaries with Others

    Details: When we effectively set boundaries and limits with others, it has a huge impact on our ability to do our best work. Examples of setting boundaries are telling people what we want and letting them know what is acceptable. Effectively setting and maintaining them helps people take better care of themselves, maintain self-respect, and increase their ability to control their work and their personal lives.

    When we work with clients, boundary issues can come up, not to mention our helping them manage those issues in their workplaces. The inability to effectively set and maintain them at work often results in projects not being completed according to plan or on time, people allowing others to take advantage of them, and miscommunication. When we aren’t successful we can be angry and resentful, resulting in a lot of stress. Successful boundary setting can increase productivity, teamwork, morale, and the bottom line.

    In this interactive session participants will learn:

    • What is a boundary?

    • Examples of setting effective boundaries.

    • Why it is often difficult for us to set and maintain them.

    • The essential steps to doing it effectively.

    A Boundaries Handbook and Boundaries Affirmation card will also be provided to participants. 

    Presenter: Mark Sachs

    RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Baltimore-Organization-Development-MeetUp/events/258242114/

    Price: $5.00 /per person

    CoP Leader: Anne L. Hilb, MSOD, annehilb@gmail.com

Past events

19 Jun 2019 Baltimore Organization Development MeetUp / Community of Practice - "Electrifying Culture Change: Transforming Culture in an Electric Utility"
15 May 2019 Baltimore Organization Development MeetUp / Community of Practice - "Maximizing LGBTQ+ Inclusion at Work: Awareness, Etiquette and Best Practices"
17 Apr 2019 Baltimore Organization Development MeetUp / Community of Practice - "Talent+Diversity and Inclusion Strategy: Alignment is Critical"
20 Mar 2019 Baltimore Organization Development MeetUp / Community of Practice - "When NEUROSCIENCE Meets OD: Implications, Opportunities and Applications"
20 Feb 2019 Baltimore Organization Development MeetUp / CoP - "A Culture of HEART: Creating a Powerful Team Culture" - CANCELLED - BLDG CLOSED PER WEATHER
16 Jan 2019 Baltimore Organization Development MeetUp / CoP - "What is Racism?"
28 Nov 2018 Baltimore OD MeetUp / CoP - "Hey, Siri. Directions to..."
24 Aug 2018 (NEW) Baltimore Area OD Practitioners CoP - "Mission, Vision and Values For This Group, (as requested)"
22 Jun 2018 *(NEW) Baltimore Area OD Practitioners CoP - "Coffee, Convo and Change"
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