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DC Area OD Practitioners CoP

The DC Area OD Practitioners CoP provides a supportive and learning community for new and experienced practitioners, both internal and external.

Our mission and vision is to:
● Provide an opportunity for people to learn from the presenters and their colleagues.
● Share successes and challenges in working with clients.
● Enhance participants’ competence and confidence in their OD work.

Meeting Frequency:
First Thursday of the month, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Meeting Venue:
Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center, Conference Room B
4805 Edgemoor Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814
Convenient to Bethesda Metro.
Note: Because there is a monthly charge for the room, a $5.00 contribution from each person is appreciated.

Directions:  The address is 4805 Edgemoor Lane, in downtown Bethesda, near the Metro station.  There is a County parking deck below the building on Edgemoor Lane.  When you get out of your car, go to the elevator.  When you get in it you will see the button for the floor for the BCC Service Center.  When you get off the elevator, to the left on the building you will see another sign pointing to the entrance to the Center.  Our meeting will be on the second floor, Room B. These instructions may seem to me more complicated than they actually are.

Leader: Mark Sachs
email: ma.sachs@verizon.net
phone: 301-588-3858
Mark Sachs has been an external OD consultant and executive coach for more than 15 years and he works with clients in the areas of organizational diagnosis, managing change, teamwork, and boundary management. He holds a Masters degree in Organization Development from the American University/NTL Institute Program, and BA and MA degrees in Sociology from Rutgers University. Mark is an International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Upcoming events

    • 07 Sep 2017
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Bethesda-Chevy Chase Service Center, Bethesda, MD

    DC Area OD Practitioners Community of Practice

    Topic: An Appreciative Approach for Thriving through Conflict

    Session Description:  Have you ever been stuck in a conflict? Have you wanted to resolve it but didn’t know how? Conflict is inevitable. And there’s an endless supply. The ways in which we understand and interpret conflict can lead us to adopt unhelpful strategies to address it, sometimes avoiding it or even escalating the conflict further.

    The good news is that there are practical and proven techniques for effectively engaging in and navigating conflict. You can even move past surviving it to thriving and handling it well.  Susan Levin and Rick Buccheri are both certified mediators and a facilitators, coaches, trainers and organization development practitioners, who use an appreciative approach to conflict to help people manage disputes with more positive and productive results. You will learn and practice these techniques so you can start applying them at work and at home.

    Presenters:  Rick Buccheri has been the director of programs at ADR Vantage since 2017.  He provides direct consultation, mediation, facilitation, conflict coaching, and training for federal agencies, including TSA, FRB, EEOC, and USDA, and for corporations such as UPS and DevTech International. He currently oversees a national roster of over 137 professional practitioners, and has managed rosters of mediators as the mediation specialist at the office of the State’s Attorney in Rockville, the mediation manager at the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County (CRCMC), and as the volunteer coordinator at Community Mediation in Baltimore City. He is currently the co-president of the board of directors at CRCMC, and recently led their quality assurance task force. He is a graduate of American University's Organizational Development Master's program. Rick has been a mediator and conflict resolution professional since 2006, and has served as a performance-based evaluator for Community Mediation Maryland. He designs and delivers training on topics of conflict engagement and is frequently a public speaker at universities including Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, and George Mason University, and at conferences including the Center for ADR's 2016 & 2017 annual conferences. 

    Susan Levin is a mediator, facilitator, coach, trainer and organization development specialist. For more than 28 years, Susan has worked with thousands of employees from a variety of organizations in the United States and abroad focusing on leveraging individual and organizational strengths to bring out best practices and help clients achieve their optimal future vision.

    As a mediator certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia, Susan facilitates dialogue between people in conflict so that they can find new ways to resolve their mutual problems. Susan also has extensive experience facilitating retreats for strategic planning, leadership development, teambuilding and resolving conflict for the United Nations, US Agency for International Development and other federal agencies, Daimler Mercedes and international non-profit organizations. In addition, she has led dialogue training at University of Virginia and lectured at American University, Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland. She is a contributing writer to the book, “The Insider’s Guide to Supervising Government Employees.”

    Susan has a master’s degree in international affairs from The George Washington University. She completed a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida focusing on the impact of culture on international development, after transferring from Tufts University.

    CoP Leader:  Mark Sachs, ma.sachs@verizon.net.

    Cancellation policy: Registrants should contact Mark if they need to cancel.

    Additional notes:  A $5.00 per person contribution is requested to help pay for rental of the room.

Past events

01 Jun 2017 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - Having Fun Learning: Team Development Games That for Some Reason Work Around the World
04 May 2017 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - Neurology for OD Practitioners
06 Apr 2017 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "So, Are You Interested in Becoming an External OD Practitioner?"
02 Mar 2017 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - The Focused Conversation Method - Reclaiming Conversations in Diverse Stakeholder Groups
02 Feb 2017 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "How to Be a Better Collaborator"
05 Jan 2017 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "Food for Thought"
01 Dec 2016 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "External OD Consulting - Managing Work and Career Uncertainties"
03 Nov 2016 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "Journey Management Workshop..."
06 Oct 2016 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "Your Development..."
01 Sep 2016 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "From Science to Practice..."
02 Jun 2016 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "Doing the OD Tango"
05 May 2016 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "The Five (Simple) Practices of Exemplary Leadership"
07 Apr 2016 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "What Happens After You Leave?"
03 Mar 2016 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "Crafting a Partnership that Works"
04 Feb 2016 DC Area OD Practitioners CoP - "Using Simulated Experience to Develop Managers"
07 Jan 2016 New OD Practitioner's CoP - "Case Study of a New Performance Feedback Program"
03 Dec 2015 New OD Practitioners CoP - "Three Inextricable Links Between Leadership & Organizational Development"
05 Nov 2015 New OD Practitioners CoP - "Aspects of Life"
01 Oct 2015 New OD Practitioners CoP - "Design Thinking"
03 Sep 2015 New OD Practitioners CoP - "Deliver Workshops That Bring In Clients"
04 Jun 2015 New OD Practitioners CoP - "Swimming in Symbolism: Using Imagery as a Change Tool"
07 May 2015 New OD Practitioners CoP - "Powerfully Agile Thinking"
02 Apr 2015 New OD Practitioners CoP - "Setting and Maintaining Boundaries with Others"
05 Mar 2015 New OD Practitioners CoP - "Design Thinking"-CANCELLED
05 Feb 2015 New OD Practitioners CoP - "Building Your OD Reputation One Piece At a Time"
08 Jan 2015 New OD Practitioners SIG - "Ethical Dilemmas for OD Practitioners"
04 Dec 2014 New OD Practitioners SIG - "Constellations - A Sea Change in Change Methodologies"
06 Nov 2014 Cancelled: New OD Practitioners SIG - "Design Thinking"
02 Oct 2014 New OD Practitioners SIG - "The Case for OD Partnership During Executive Transitions"
04 Sep 2014 New OD Practitioners SIG - "Action Learning for Leadership Development"
05 Jun 2014 New OD Practitioners SIG - "Navigating Personal and Professional Change with Robust Support Systems"
03 Apr 2014 New OD Practitioners SIG - "What Leads to Success!"
06 Mar 2014 New OD Practitioners SIG - "The Metrics of Any Organizational Performance"
06 Feb 2014 New OD Practitioners SIG - "Polarity Thinking and Approach: A Meta-theory for Consultant/Coaches to Use for Organizations, Teams, and Leaders"
02 Jan 2014 New OD Practitioners SIG - "How to Help Leaders and Organizations Get Unstuck Using Hersey & Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model"
05 Dec 2013 New OD Practitioners SIG - "Your Brand As an OD Practitioner"

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