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2019 Spring Conference

  • 18 May 2019
  • 8:15 AM - 5:00 PM
  • American University, Spring Valley Building 4801 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016


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The Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (CBODN) invites you to our 2019 Spring Conference. We have an incredible array of industry experts, acclaimed leaders, and innovators from across the region. The diverse breadth of topics will provide insight, knowledge, and perspective to new and experienced professionals in the field of OD. Whether you consider yourself interested, practicing, or advancing the field of OD, this event is for you!  Registration Closes at 11:59 p.m. on April 30th. Reserve your spot TODAY!

This year we are changing things up a bit, experimenting, expanding beyond our comfort zones, and taking some risks!  We hope you are as excited by this as we are!  While you may recognize some familiar conference-like elements, this event promises to be a horse of a different color in several ways.  

  • We decided to experiment by having the Call-for-Presenters be 'theme-less', so we didn't limit the range of topics, themes, formats, and experiences available from our community.  Despite (or because of) the intentional ambiguity in our ask, you answered enthusiastically...and we are so grateful to be able to offer such wonderful programming and unique sessions.  
  • We decided to not have a keynote speaker.  While some folks may prefer a big name to anchor the event, we didn't want a big name speaker to steal YOUR thunder!  We have many dedicated and talented professionals in our community doing great work, and there's certainly no shortage of presenters or topics.  This event is an opportunity to honor, celebrate, and connect with each other!
  • We are incentivizing and rewarding membership via the conference pricing structure.  As promised, we'll be adding more member-only features and events in 2019 to highlight the CBODN membership value proposition.
  • Typically the CBODN Spring Conference is planned and organized 8-12 months in advance. This time, we've committed to doing it in less than 100 days!  This affords us the opportunity to focus on what's important...enabling connections that matter!  This also affords us the opportunity to walk-the-walk, and stretch our agile, resilient, appreciative, compassionate, sustainable, innovative, decisive, and courageous muscles.
  • Our approach is to keep things simple, and focus on benefitting our community and our environment.  We intend to highlight local presenters, use local graphic facilitators, involve local students, and engage with local talent for this event.  We are also committing to limiting our printed materials, swag bags, pamphlets, fliers, and other disposable items to encourage a more environmentally friendly and socially conscious experience before, during, and after the event.
  • We are committed to designing an experience that speaks to your mind, connects with your heart, invites courage, openness, and active participation using your whole self, and focuses your awareness on the power you've had all along.  

We sincerely hope you join us in co-creating this experiential event, and continue the learning journey more connected, supported, engaged, and inspired!

-Chris Swisher, CBODN President

Topics and Presenters:

Back to Block: How Teaching Undergrads has Re-Opened my Eyes to the Importance of Our OD Work

Anne Pellicciotto, Founder and President of SeeChange

The Heart of Resilience: Embracing the Wisdom of Mind, Body and Emotion

Barbara Beizer & Wendy Luke, Co-Founders of Resilience Lab

Narrative Intelligence

Friderike Butler, Chief Human Potential Catalyst at Butler Communication

Grounding Self in OD’s Past to Create a Powerful OD Future

Gilmore Crosby, President of Gilmore and Crosby

The Systems Perspective

Harrison Snow, Senior Management Consultant of Change Dynamics

Sage Discernment: Powerful Decision Making for Leaders

Jane Lovas, CEO of Lovas Consulting

The Neuroscience of Trust – What You Need to Know about What Builds It & Erodes It

Jeannette Terry, CEO of TerconPartners, Inc.

Reinventing Organizations

Jill Nissan, Workforce Planning Program Manager at the US Geological Survey

Critical Thinking as an OD Necessity

John Egan, Co-Founder and Principal of Workforce Innovations

Optimistic or Delusional? The Planning Fallacy Bias

Jorja Wright, Logistics Manager at the Department of the Army

Leadership, Power and Building Healthy Organizational Culture

Julie Diamond, CEO, Principal, Diamond Leadership

Infinite Possibilities: A New Way of Thinking for the Modern Workplace

Laura English, Principal at Evans Incorporated & Jessica Zucal, Principal at Evans Incorporated

Dynamic Leaders Leading Through Unsolvable Problems in a Constantly Changing Landscape

Laura Mendelow, Owner of Mendelow Consulting Group & Janet Goodman, Private Practice Psychologist

Resilience When It Matters Most

Martha Johnson, Author, Speaker and Consultant & Harry Hutson, Author, Coach and Consultant

You are Not a Label

Mohamed Ali, Partner at LeadiN

Innovators, Instigators, and Initiators: How to Tap Your Inner Firestarter

Paul Eder, Lead Consultant at The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc & David Egan Community Relations Specialist at SourceAmerica

Integrating Design Thinking Skills of Empathy, Observation, and Synthesis into Your Work

Rachel Thompson, Founder & Strategic Director of Daring Studios

Other Important Details-

Format, Schedule, Session Summaries, Speaker Bios, etc.:  Yep, we're finalizing all of this, but wanted to open registration soonest given the accelerated timeline.  These elements are coming asap...

Parking: Free weekend parking is available on a first come-first served basis in the garage under the building, accessible via the northbound lanes of Massachusetts Ave only.

Food & Beverage: Coffee, tea, juice, water, and danishes will be provided in the morning.  Lunch will be provided.  Coffee, tea, and water will also be available throughout the day.  Details will be announced by 4/28/19.  Also, we plan to host an informal off-site reception (across the street) after the event.  Stay tuned...

Prepayment Required: All registrations must be made online (and in advance) to reserve your place at the event.  Walk up registration will not be available.  Approved presenters & co-presenters will receive a unique single use registration code by 5/1/19 for complimentary registration.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be done via the confirmation email on or before May 7, 2019, to receive a refund of the registration fee. Refund requests received after the May 7th deadline will be reviewed on an individual basis, 30 days after the conference. Refund requests received after May 17th will not be reviewed.

Audio/Video Policy: Registration implies consent that any pictures and video taken during the conference can be used for conference coverage and any and all promotional purposes by CBODN.  CBODN is able to use your likeness without remuneration.

Handicap Accessibility: The Spring Valley Building is equipped with elevators and ramps throughout the spaces (including the tiered lecture halls and classrooms).  If you require assistance or accommodation, please email conference@CBODN.org.

For more information about this event, please contact us at conference@CBODN.org and thank you in advance for your patience if we're not able to respond immediately.

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