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A plethora of backgrounds and work experience make-up our diverse community. Professional backgrounds include: Organization Development; Coaching; Training; Instructional Design; Industrial Organization Psychology; Organizational Change; Knowledge Management; Leadership Development; Executive Management and more… Our members, novice to accomplished, work in a variety of industries, public and private as internal and external consultants.

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  • Last spring, I worked as a volunteer on the Sponsorship Committee during preparations for the 2013 Conference.  It was my first experience working with Ross and other members of the CBODN, their vendors, and affiliates.  The group was very welcoming and gave each of us the opportunity to contribute as much as you were able.  The day of the conference was very fulfilling.  There was excitement in the air and the synergy was very inspiring.  I was very impressed with the quality of speakers, their experience, and the unique perspective on OD that each person brought to share.  It was a wonderful experience and I plan to be a part of it again.

    Valerie ManuelCBODN Volunteer
  • As a new practitioner breaking into the field of organization development, I’ve found my membership in the Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (CBODN) to be valuable on many levels. Attending the annual conferences, and working on the committee for them, has been a great experience, as has attending events such as the New Practitioner SIG meetings. From these experiences, I’ve learned new techniques, gained valuable insights, made friends, and expanded my professional network. Through networking with CBODN members, I’ve been able to gain clients and enter into an exciting collaborative partnership with professionals in other fields.

    Bob TravisCBODN Member
  • CBODN is a valued community of practice, providing access to world-class practices and practitioners in the field. The annual conference is not to be missed and I gain a great deal from active involvement with several SIGs. The richest benefit of membership for me has been serving on the board. This volunteer role has brought me leadership experience and lifelong colleagues and friends.

    Kathryn Gaines, Ph.D.Past President
  • Working with an amazing group of intelligent and passionate people on the 2013 conference refueled my desire to continue research and practice within organization development.  Seeing how OD impacted the Alexandria Fire Department, watching practitioners share their experiences and knowledge, and networking with many of you, I finally put in a proposal to become a conference presenter at ODN this past fall.  Though I was nervous to present, being around the positive energy of CBODN conference attendees and facilitators gave me the support I needed to put my name forth.  The presentation at ODN went well, and now I am ready to take additional steps to building my brand, practice, and contributions to the OD community.  Thanks to each of you, and to the opportunity to lead the 2013 Conference team, I am ready to publish articles and continue to speak at upcoming conferences and events.  See you soon!

    Ross Gruebel, MSM, MSOD, MBA CBODN 2013 Director, Annual Conference
  • As a member of CBODN, I was instantly connected to an amazingly talented community of professionals and an incredible array of learning opportunities. As a volunteer with CBODN, I had the good fortune to serve that community (my "tribe!"), contribute to my profession, and find even more opportunities to learn and grow!

    Everett MarshallPast CBODN President
  • The evening programs and annual conference have been a great way for me to gain new insights and grow my network in OD. I feel fortunate to be apart of a tightly knit community working to improve our workplaces and tapping into peoples strengths."

    Sonya Patel
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