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CBODN 2011 Annual Conference

Leveraging Complexity with Creativity: Organizations on the Edge

The CBODN 2011 Annual Conference was held on Friday, April 29, 2011 at the spectacular, new Silver Spring Civic Building in Silver Spring, Maryland. A sold out crowd of over 300 attendees gathered to learn about complexity and the role it plays in organizations. The conference theme: Leveraging Complexity with Creativity: Organizations on the Edge, was felt from the first keynote presentation with David Rock, PhD to the final breakout session as attendees explored  the different ways OD professionals are defining and leveraging complexity. Attendees experienced creative models, tools and technologies that are shaping the future of organizational development. The conference day wrapped up with the Creative Conclusion Reception – a smorgasbord for the mind, a feast for the senses. Signature Complexity Cocktails were served from the bar (as well as an array of other beverages), heavy hor 'd'oeuvres were passed, a Jazz Trio provided background music, and creative stations were setup for attendees to engage further in the nature of complexity.   

All in all, the day was a success. New connections were made, brains were put to work, and attendees walked away with a full set of new tools to leverage complexity in their organizations.

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CBODN was excited to host two pioneers in the industry who have a vast amount of experience involving complexity and addressing the challenges of today's organizations.

Our keynote speaker, David Rock, PhD, is the founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute, CEO of Results Coaching Systems, and author of three books, Quiet Leadership, Coaching with the Brain in Mind, and his newest, Your Brain at Work.  Bringing his years of research into brain science to bear, David will set the stage for our conference by exploring how the physiology of the brain fundamentally impacts the way we experience and react to complexity in our environment.  David will reveal how we can better help organizations of all types fulfill their potential through an understanding of how the human brain functions at individual, team, and systemic levels.

 Glenda Eoyang, PhD, is a pioneer in the field of complexity and human systems dynamics (HSD), the author many works including Coping with Chaos:  Seven Simple Tools and Facilitating Organization Change:  Lessons from Complexity Science with Ed Olson, and Executive Director of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute.  Leading the lunchtime plenary session, Glenda will further our understanding of how complexity manifests by guiding a panel of business leaders through a discussion about practical, creative ways to respond to the chaos they are facing in their organizations today. 

To read more about our other breakout session presenters, please click here.

Presentations Have Been Made Available!

Concurrent Session I

Janet Crenshaw Smith | MicroTriggers® – Little Things Big Impact

Katherine LY Greem | Building and Measuring Change: When Knowledge Becomes Wisdom through Collaborative Learning

Michael Randel | Not in My Back Yard! Mapping Complex Stakeholder Dialogue and handout

Suzanne Zaldivar | OD on the Edge: Insights from Consulting in Afghanistan

Concurrent Session II

Scott William, Julie Anxiter | Beyond PowerPoint: Using Visual Thinking to Create Clarity from Complexity

Glenda Eoyang | Baker's Dozen:  Stretch and Fold into the Future and handout

Veronica Adams, Page Anne Smith | The Serious Business of Building a Culture of Fun into the Workplace: You Can't Grow Sunflowers in a Desert!

Sunny Hester, Jill Hinson, David Osborne | Implementing Health Care Reform at HHS – A View from the Inside

Linda Ackerman Anderson | Being Strategic about Change: Adding Direct Value to the Entire Enterprise and Critical Initiatives and Handout

Amanpreet Gohal | The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Concurrent Session III

Cary Paul, Andrea Howe, Shawn Westfall | Leadership in the Moment

Madeline Finnerty, PhD | Hot Diggity Dog: Understanding Self-Organizing Systems Through Dog Rescue

Lisa Kimball | Liberating Structures: Big Change through Small Interventions, FAQ and Workbook

Gino Magnifico, Brian Brennan, Marisa Sanchez, Ruth Scogna Wagner | Keeping Your Strategic Plans in Action – Tips and Techniques

Adriano Pianesi |  Unlearning for Creativity


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