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The CBODN Group Mentoring Program!

In Spring 2024, CBODN is again offering Mentoring Program for OD professionals.

The purpose of the program is to provide a mentoring experience for CBODN members and non-members that is enriching and educational for all involved.  Group mentoring will involve 3-5 people working together with a mentor on topics of interest to the mentees.  The mentees’ role is to contribute to the questions and content that the group will cover.  The mentor’s role is to hold the space for the conversation, ensuring that the experience is inclusive and allows active participation by all. Each group will meet every other week, 5 times over 10 weeks.

Participants can sign up with the mentor of their choice, or for the days and times that work best.  Topics will be generated by the group’s participants including offers to share with the group and requests for knowledge or information. The mentor will serve as a source of knowledge and support, and not just the person in the mentor role.  Each group will create its own contract around confidentiality and sharing of each other’s contact information.

Stay tuned for registration information and the calendar for the Spring 2024 Mentoring Program.

For more information, or if you’d like to volunteer as a mentor, please contact Melissa George Kessler – melissa@kessix.com

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