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Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (CBODN) is partnering with the Organization Development and Knowledge Management graduate program of the Schar School of Policy & Government at George Mason University to organize our annual conference on June 10, 2023.

The Schar School’s Master of Science (M.S.) in Organization Development and Knowledge Management is a cohort-based program that prepares students to be change agents in complex organizations. For more information, go to schar.gmu.edu/ODKM


Keynote Speaker 

Dr. Claudy Jules - Defying the scaleup odds

Founder CEOs strive to build organizations that drive exponential growth. They relish the opportunity to disrupt and innovate. For many, the challenge is no longer about securing capital funding but about moving as fast as their product can evolve. Clearly leaders need to get better at building better organizations, designing businesses with solid foundations that enable their people to perform to their full potential. But how? That is the question this session endeavors to answer. 

Dr. Claudy Jules is a Partner at McKinsey & Company where he helps founders, CEOs, investors and pre-IPO companies scale to greater impact and valuations. He is a leader in the Organization practice and a core member of the Technology, Media, & Telecommunications and Private Equity & Principal Investors practices. Prior to joining McKinsey, Dr. Jules was at Google, leading its Center of Excellence on Organizational Health and Change. He also served as an advisor to the portfolio companies of CapitalG, Alphabet’s growth equity investment fund. As a thought leader, he has written and spoken widely on organizational issues and has contributed to several business publications, including authoring the book, Building Better Organizations: How to Fuel Growth and Lead in a Digital Era (Berrett-Koehler, 2022).


    OD Sessions & Facilitators:

    Madhavi Jodhpurkar, MS-ODKM 

    Creating Inclusion, Belonging, and Empowering Spaces with the 4 Stages of Psychological Safety

    Curious about what happens when we create Psychological Safety within teams and organizations? And how do we do this?

    Join Madhavi in her engaging experiential learning session walking participants through Dr. Timothy R. Clark’s insightful research-based framework, “The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety,” and offering the Belong framework, an evidence-based synthesis of her research and lived experience on how to create inclusive, empowered spaces in these VUCA times.

    The Belong framework is a strategic continuous improvement initiative, a critical success factor which will enable organizations to scale, build capacity and reduce attrition in these challenging, changing times. Belong is a paradigm shift in the way of thinking and being with/for employees. Belong is about creating an organization that innovates, where everyone has a seat at the table and a voice too, so all viewpoints are shared. Belong is a simple equation where a better me + better you = a better us!

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    What is a Knowledge Cafe? What is the DEI conversation we need to have in this cafe?

    John Hovell, PMP, CKM, ODCP, EAGT

    Alyaa Al Maadeed, MSW

    Participants will learn and experience the process and power of the Knowledge Cafe. Unfortunately, the power of conversations is often over-looked and/or under-estimated. The Knowledge Cafe process provides a simple yet effective technique for unlocking the collective knowledge and sense-making of a group. This Knowledge Cafe will focus on the topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Please select this session if you'd like to have small group conversations regarding what's relevant to you in DEI.

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    Contact Information:

    John Hovell, PMP, CKM, ODCP, EAGT

    Alyaa Al Maadeed, MSW

    Coaching Sessions & Facilitators 


    Nickey Knighton - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - It’s all about YOU!

    DEI - Who do YOU need to BE? What do YOU need to KNOW? What do YOU need to DO? Learn what it takes to move beyond concept to action. Move from being and knowing to doing.

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    Contact Information: LinkedIn

    Team and Group Coaching: “On the Job” Learning that Builds Organizational Capacity

    Erek J. Ostrowski, Ph.D. Laura Hauser, Ph.D. Penny Potter, Ph.D.   

    Team and group coaching are still relatively new areas of practice for coaches and often overlooked as effective learning and development opportunities within organizations. Few understand the distinctions between the two. Join this discussion panel to learn the similarities and differences between the two and more importantly, how organizations may best utilize each to build internal capability and capacity.

    In this session, two team and group coaching scholar-practitioner experts, Drs. Laura Hauser and Erek Ostrowski, will share key distinctions and similarities between the two practices and how each are utilized within the organizations within which they consult. The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Penny Potter.

    Please come to the discussion with your questions! You may also submit questions ahead of time to ppotter1@gmu.edu.

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