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"AIC Program: Why Do Two Thirds of All Projects Fail?" | Evening Program Summer Workshop Series

  • 28 Jul 2015
  • 6:15 PM
  • 25 Aug 2015
  • 8:45 PM
  • Silver Spring, MD


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One session remaining in this bi-weekly series!
  August 25
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Silver Spring Civic Building | One Veterans Plaza | Silver Spring, MD
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CBODN Member Individual Session: $20.00
Non-member Individual Session: $30.00

The remaining sessions give you an understanding and experience of the AIC — appreciation, influence and control — process. The process was originally developed to reduce the two-­‐thirds failure rate of World Bank projects.  Accomplishing this has required a fundamental rethink of what is really at the base of organizational performance and development. Each of these three sessions is centered in one of the groundbreaking ideas that have enabled implementation not only to avoid the two-­‐thirds failure rate but also to ensure exponential gains in project performance. Each session also provides you with personal feedback in the form of maps that show you how these ideas affect, respectively, your purpose, your power and your leadership. They demonstrate the origin of the concepts in our own genetic makeup and the way in which our brain and nervous system work.

Each session can stand on its own; however, completion of all three exponentially increases the value of any one session. While each session focuses on one major breakthrough, it also shows how concept and practice fit into the whole AIC framework. Each session involves practice of the concepts. The final session will give participants their own leadership map with recommendations for improvement. It will also produce a culture map that shows CBODN’s pattern of purpose, power and leadership. (See below for individual session descriptions.)

Presenter: William E. Smith

Bill, recently deemed “The Carl Sagan of Power”, is an innovator in both theory and practice in the fields of organization and social development. He has created and implemented new approaches to empowering organizations and communities for multinational corporations, for governments, for the World Bank and the United Nations in many parts of the world.

Over the last seven years he has been developing the natural systems concept AIC (Appreciation, Influence and Control) for application to the development of leaders in order to improve sustainability.

The story of his work is published in The Creative Power: Transforming Ourselves, Our Organizations and Our World with Routledge, 2009.

For videos of the results of his recent work advising Global Fisheries see www.coresilience.org.      

Session 3: August 25, 2015

"Leadership: The Integrator of Purpose and Power"

Every purpose you take part in requires leadership from you. In this sense we are all leaders whenever we integrate our purpose and power with the conditions we face.

Program Description:  This third session brings everything together: your purpose, your power and the process you use to integrate them. This process of integration brought about the third major breakthrough when we realized that it is leadership that carries out this integration. Leadership is the Integrator of Purpose and Power. This means that every purpose requires leadership i.e., a process for integrating the purpose with the power to achieve it within special conditions e.g., those of time and space. Your leadership contribution becomes the outcome of your particular pattern of AIC relationships.

Your Leadership Map, required for this session, not only identifies this contribution but also the potential improvements you can make to your pattern with least possible effort. It rounds off all three sessions by providing you with a picture of where you fit in the CBODN community with the particular contribution you make.

This comprehensive Leadership Map is available at the discounted rate of $19.50. You obtain the additional CBODN Culture Map at no cost by adding yourself to the CBODN Group Map as illustrated on the next page.

Learning Objectives:
1. Leadership is an outcome of the organizing process in a particular situation.

2. We use our unique AIC pattern of leadership power to create conditions which, in the situation, will draw out the appropriate mix of appreciative, influence and control relationships.

3. Our leadership powers grow exponentially the higher the level of purpose we serve.

This session also uses two maps: The Leadership Map integrates all others to produce a full description of your leadership in all five power dimensions. It also produces a parallel pattern of your leadership potential and makes recommendation of how best to develop that potential with the least possible energy expenditure.

The Group Map synthesizes the results from all CBODN members that have taken the map to produce a culture map illustrating CBODN’s pattern of purpose, power and leadership.

How to obtain your maps?

Go to http://aic-3.com/maps.php  Click on Leadership Map. To receive the 50% discounted price of $19.50 enter the discount code CBODN-LED-50. If you have already taken the color instrument there is no need to take it again just enter your login information.

To add your information to the CBODN Group Map and receive a copy of the results go to Your Membership page (www-aic-3.com) and login at the top. Enter the discount code GroupAdd100 and Group Name CBODN2015 and click on Group Participation. CLICK HERE FOR PURCHASING INSTRUCTIONS     

Register: Register online, or to pay by check, download a registration form and mail to CBODN, 1325 G St. NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005. 

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