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Organization Constellation CoP

  • 22 Jul 2016
  • 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM
  • Washington, DC


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Organization Constellation CoP  

Topic: Facilitating Social Change

You may have noticed how our society often tries to defend against or deny differences or polarize around them instead of understanding them. Mentally, when there is too much unacknowledged discomfort/fear to allow understanding, we go into a flight, fight, freeze or forget mode. Constellation work could give us a tool to let go of those modes and the mental “stories” they are based on and use the spiritual, emotional and physical/somatic domains to gain understanding. All the isms of race, gender, age, class, origin seem to block our evolution as a society. Yet if we approach them consciously and wholistically they just might be our path forward. We have seen how society does change dramatically, for example, same sex marriage, when a certain threshold level of understanding is reached.

The subconscious holds the knowledge that can resolve self-imposed limitations and dysfunctional coping mechanisms. Through the constellation process we can help ourselves and our clients more fully observe and understand themselves in a way that supports professional growth, personal empowerment and even social change.

Come join us on July 22 for a soulful and insightful exploration into the nature of differences and fostering social change.

Facilitator: Harrison Snow

SIG Leader: Harrison Snow | teambuilder@msn.com

Time: 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Cleveland Park Public library (near the DC Zoo on Connecticut Ave) 
First floor meeting room.

Cancellation policy:
None – please register so we know how many people are coming.

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