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OD and International/Community Development (OD-ICD) SIG: March 2011

  • 10 Mar 2011
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Johns Hopkins University – DC Campus, 1625 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20036 (Check at JHU front desk for room number)


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Date: March 10, 2011

Time: 6:30 pm - Networking and Refreshments, 
            7:00-9:00 pm - Program

Speaker: Frank Page & Kimberley Jutze

Topic: Integrating Organizational Development and International/Community Development.


The idea for this event was sparked by a CBODN ICD SIG meeting that Frank Page attended where he met a participant that stated she joined this group to gain a better understanding of the two-way relationship between organization development (OD) and international development. 

Believing that there are clear answers to this question, and that OD is, at best, underutilized in the development community, we invite members of the organization development and international development communities to explore the following topics:

  • Where is the “fit” between OD and international development?
  • How can the goals (such as the MDGs) and lessons of international development be integrated in OD?
  • How we can promote OD to the international development community and international development to the OD community?
  • How can we cross-pollinate ideas and promote the adaptation of innovations that are beneficial to both fields?
  • What role can OD and international development professionals play in cultivating a global community that values economic development, technological innovation, ecological sustainability, and cultural diversity?

This will be an evening of small group discussions using the World Café format that has the potential to foster connections and spark further dialogue between OD and international development practitioners.


Frank Page is an independent consultant recently returned to the States after 17 years of consulting with and managing community based development projects in Indonesia.  He specializes in strategic planning, project planning, community development, and organizational diagnosis.  Over that time his clients have included capacity building, community development, AIDs prevention, environmental protection, and democratization NGOs/projects.  During this period, Frank was also the Urban Program Manager for CARE International Indonesia, where he managed child nutrition, TB prevention, and avian influenza prevention projects.  All of these programs worked closely with local governments to help them adopt better practices to deliver these programs once the CARE programs were completed.  Frank’s last work in Indonesia was with an AUSAID Reducing Emissions from Forest Degradation and Destruction (REDD) pilot project.  His role was to develop the facilitation and consulting skills of the project’s community engagement team and to facilitate integrated project planning.  Frank began his career with the Peace Corps in the Philippines and has worked with Save the Children in Sri Lanka and OEF International in Somalia.  He has an MSc. in International Agricultural Development from the University of California, Davis and an MSc. in Organizational Development from the AU/NTL program.

Kimberley Jutze is an organization development professional with over ten years experience in the international humanitarian aid and development sector, which includes field postings in Southeastern Europe and Asia.  Kimberley’s strong work ethic, commitment to producing quality results, and cross-cultural communications skills has led to consulting assignments in China, Kosovo, Mexico, and the United States where she has provided organization development services to nonprofit and private sector clients.  Her work has also taken her to Indonesia and Sri Lanka where she conducted trainings on project cycle management.  In her current position with the American Red Cross she created tools for assessing the organizational capabilities of Red Cross national societies in the Caribbean region, conducted a cultural diagnosis of the International Services Department, contributed to the development of resource development strategies, and designed, executed, and managed a continuous improvement proposal development process.  In Kosovo she designed and implemented an organizational capacity building program for a newly established nonprofit that prevents human trafficking that involved developing and executing a training program for management staff and guiding the development of the organization’s core operating systems.  Kimberley’s professional experience is complemented by a Master of Science in Organization Development and a Master of Arts in International Politics. 

SIG Leader:
Kristen Barney (kristen@openingcreativity.com | 703-966-2995)

Steering Committee:
Jenny Lyman (jennifer.lyman25@gmail.com | 202-257-1498)
David Osborne (dosborne@change-fusion.com | 703-939-1777)
Winta Teferi (xxwintex@yahoo.com | 202-595-4830
Priscilla Enner (priscilla.enner@gmail.com | 551-427-7433)
Millie Johnson (milliejohnson38@yahoo.com | 443-717-1011)

SIG Description: The OD/ICD SIG is a forum for collective learning and exchange among professionals who, in their own work, support development and positive change through collaborative partnerships in the arenas of Organization Development (OD), International Development (ID), and Community Development (CD). The SIG is a multi-directional conversation among participants with diverse worldviews, theories of practice, and partnerships; and a common desire to create positive, sustainable change through trusting, transparent, accountable, and powerful collaborations and organizations. Participants are aware of the challenges and opportunities inherent in issues facing the world (e.g., material poverty, violent conflict, climate change, social injustice, and more).

The SIG is a multi-directional conversation between diverse participants, and draws on presenters from within and without the participant base, prioritizing presentations with experiential components. Because participants lead busy lives, the participant base will be different in each meeting, creating a dynamic and evolving community. 

Who would benefit from attending: Practitioners, change agents, leaders, social entrepreneurs, policy analysts, grassroots activists, and partners in the arenas of International Development, Organization Development, and Community Development. These may include representatives of any sector (e.g., government, international institutions, philanthropy, civil society, academe, corporations, social entrepreneurs, etc.).

Meeting Frequency: Second Thursday of each month

Venue: Johns Hopkins University – DC Campus, 1625 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20036 (Check at JHU front desk for room number)

Registration is free.


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