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Organizational Constellation CoP - "Conscious leadership and dealing with difficult people"

  • 25 Aug 2017
  • 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Hellinger Institute of DC, 4803 St.Elmo Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814


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Organizational Constellation CoP 

Program Title: Conscious leadership and dealing with difficult people

Program Description: Our topic for the August workshop is "conscious leadership and dealing with difficult people." In my many years of consulting with leaders at all levels I've seen certain patterns of behavior play out in a diversity of settings.

Even if you are not a formal leader you may have felt challenged in a similar way by the projections of a coworker who seems needlessly antagonistic. Where is the negativity, blame and resentment coming from? Why the constant negative spin and rumor mongering?  

The conscious leader does not avoid taking on the issues posed by team members who are acting out their dissatisfaction and insecurity. However, finding one's inner equanimity and sense of self will help you avoid reacting from a place that is "below the line" and consequently ineffective.

While there are a number of methodologies that lay out the steps for giving and receiving feedback related to dysfunctional behaviors this session will explore the hidden dynamics that foster a difficult, working relationship.   

It's possible when leaders raise their awareness and resolve an overlooked systemic issue in their personal history the difficult relationship at work will also resolve. These acting out behaviors could also be symptomatic of something in the collective consciousness of the group and its culture that needs to be identified and addressed. 

An ironic aspect of this is how frequently the dysfunction in an organization will also show up in the consulting team that is contracted to address the issue.

Organizational constellations will be conducted at the Friday session to help us better understand and deal with these types of workplace challenges.   

Come join us on August 25 in Bethesda, MD. 

See you there, 

Harrison Snow

OC CoP Facilitator 

Come be a part of a dynamic and transformative afternoon. 

See you there,
Harrison Snow 
OC CoP Coordinator 

PS - We will be meeting in Bethesda at 4:30 pm -  a New Time and Place - there is plenty of public parking in the area and the Bethesda metro stop is a ten minute walk.  

Check out: Confessions of a Corporate Shaman; Healing the Organizatonal Soul (by yours truely and available from Amazon) to learn more about the constellation process in a business setting.

CoP Leader:

Harrison Snow, teambuilder@msn.com

Cancellation Policy:  none – please register so we know how many people are coming

Additional notes:  Donations (ten dollars) to help cover the cost of the facility will be appreciated...  

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