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Organizational Constellation CoP - Leadership Lessons from a Horse

  • 11 May 2018
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Little Burgundy Farm, Alexandria, VA

Organizational Constellation CoP

Topic: Leadership Lessons from a Horse

Leadership is dynamic in a band of horses—when danger appears, the band will follow the horse who has the clearest, calmest, most confident sense of what needs to be done. This horse is often the eldest mare in the band. 

The collective decision is made in an instant, typically without sound. The horses communicate through body language and the sensing of each other’s emotions. Leadership is felt before it is followed.

Humans also subconsciously know who to follow—we were expressing leadership and surviving long before we had language. We trust people who have the strength of their convictions, who follow their own advice, who believe in themselves and express their beliefs with emotions and body language that are in alignment. 

When a human attempts to lead a horse, words have no effect. The horse will understand the desired intention only when the human’s emotions, the vision of the desired result, and body language used are congruent. Like in constellation work this congruence or the lack of it is grounded in one's subconscious.  

In this mini-workshop, a few volunteers will experience what it is like to learn leadership and teamwork skills that don’t rely on words. You will watch one or two volunteers learn to express leadership somatically. Then several more volunteers will learn to work silently as a team to “herd” a horse over, around, or through various obstacles in an arena. 

We will take time to note the parallels between horse leadership and organizational constellations. Conscious leadership, like horse leadership, is more than words and even actions. It emanates from the essence of the leader's being and his or her use-of-self.  

Presenter:  Richard Griffin  

Registration: Please register at https://horseleader.eventbrite.com

Cost:  $30, Space is limited so please register early 

Cancellation Policy: none – please register and prepay to hold your place 

CoP Leader:  Harrison Snow, teambuilder@msn.com

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