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OD and International/Community Development (OD-ICD) SIG: May 2011

  • 12 May 2011
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Courtland Park Apartments, Community Room, 2500 Clarendon BLVD, Arlington, VA 22201


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Date: May 12, 2011

Time: 6:00 to 9 pm, with bring-your-own-dinner and networking starting at 6 pm.

Speaker: Siraj Sirajuddin and Kristen Barney

Topic: The Influencer’s Mantra: Exploring Lessons for ICD with a Process Improvement Consultant


What can the OD and International/Community Development (ICD) community learn by exploring and juxtaposing methods and inspirations used in process improvement consulting in the IT sector and private sector?  What can a process improvement consultant learn from the International/Community Development field?  Join Siraj Sirajuddin, MBA, and Kristen Barney, MSOD, for an interactive evening featuring the Influencer’s Mantra, developed by Siraj to support Change Agents.

The Influencers Mantra is a body of experiences and observations that Siraj shares with Change Agents (Influencers). The foundations of this concept emerged 20 years ago when he created a change agent philosophy called "Moments of Truth" based on the inspiration from the SAS/ Jan Carlzon stories of transformation. Siraj will share:

  • three aspects of an Influencers lifecycle and The Influencers Mantra, and 
  • provide a foundation for several practices / exercises that enable an Influencer to start/lead and close a change initiative. 

Together we will tease out what are the genuine differences  between the private sector / IT sector and the ICD arena, and what are only perceived differences masked by perceptions/myths/silos, etc. What are the constraints and complications faced in ICD that might benefit from concepts and catalytic questions Siraj will bring forward, and what has the ICD community faced and grappled with  that can benefit the private sector / IT sector? We can also explore the role of the private sector/ IT sector in ICD, because globalization and outsourcing are deeply interwoven with development agendas. 

Participants will take away key concepts and a handout on the Influencer’s Mantra, and new insights emerging from a rich conversation.


Siraj Sirajuddin is a Co-Learner + Co-Sufferer with his company, Growth Plus.  Siraj has 20 years of experience with people and process improvement consulting and coaching. He has deep and varied domain and functional knowledge and process improvement experience using methods such as Lean, Kanban, Agile, Six Sigma and other methods. Siraj is also an expert / student of Systems Thinking / Learning Organizations, People Dynamics, Transactional Analysis, MBTI, FIRO(B),  Element B, Leadership & Motivation and Team Building.  He was previously active with the NTL Institute’s sister organization, the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (isabs.org) based in New Delhi. He has invented several unique techniques (Influence Maps, Supplication, Exit & Re-entry, Language of Elegance, The Interview, Clean Slate, Cereal Box, Intensive Collaboration & Discovery) that are now used for managing strategic plans and projects at various client locations.

Siraj has provided excellent change management coaching and leadership to large and medium sized organizations like Media Temple, Orbital Sciences, Lean Kit Kanban/ Bandit Software, Railinc, EDF, Springfield TN Middle School, Ultimate Software, LabCorp, Elemica, Inc., ShoreTel, Winn Dixie  Stores, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Compaq Computers.

Siraj completed his MBA in 1992 from the Bharathidasan Institute of Management in Tiruchirapalli, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and continues to learn every second! He loves poetry, travel, music, books and being with people. Most of all he loves his two daughters! He brings tremendous energy and passion to every engagement. Siraj’s specialities are: Co-Learner + Co-Influencer - Leaders, Followers & Teams + Co-Enabler - Systems Thinking / Learning Organizations + Co-Sufferer -  Hyperperforming Teams. Please leave a comment at his Growth Plus Blog.

Kristen Barney has consulted with for-profit, non-profit, and cooperative organizations in the USA and internationally. She founded Opening Creativity (www.openingcreativity.com) to support powerful results for organizations and individuals, using classic and cutting edge methods, with an emphasis on listening. She collaborates with other highly skilled consulting partners as projects require. Kristen brings fifteen years’ experience in organizational leadership to this work. Formerly Vice President for Operations at the Millennium Institute, a nonprofit organization that applies systems thinking tools for sustainability, she has also served in senior leadership positions with diverse community organizations in New Mexico.  She is active in the DC area consulting community to support synergistic integration of various fields such as systems thinking, organization development, and international development.  She has led CBODN’s OD/ICD SIG since 2010. 

SIG Leader:
Kristen Barney (kristen@openingcreativity.com | 703-966-2995)

Steering Committee:
Oscar Abello (oabello@cipe.org) | 202-5074055
Jenny Lyman (jennifer.lyman25@gmail.com | 202-257-1498)
David Osborne (dosborne@change-fusion.com | 703-939-1777)
Winta Teferi (xxwintex@yahoo.com | 202-595-4830
Priscilla Enner (priscilla.enner@gmail.com | 551-427-7433)
Frank Page (xxwintex@yahoo.com) | 202-595-4830

SIG Description: The OD/ICD SIG is a forum for collective learning and exchange among professionals who, in their own work, support development and positive change through collaborative partnerships in the arenas of Organization Development (OD), International Development (ID), and Community Development (CD). The SIG is a multi-directional conversation among participants with diverse worldviews, theories of practice, and partnerships; and a common desire to create positive, sustainable change through trusting, transparent, accountable, and powerful collaborations and organizations. Participants are aware of the challenges and opportunities inherent in issues facing the world (e.g., material poverty, violent conflict, climate change, social injustice, and more).

The SIG is a multi-directional conversation between diverse participants, and draws on presenters from within and without the participant base, prioritizing presentations with experiential components. Because participants lead busy lives, the participant base will be different in each meeting, creating a dynamic and evolving community. 

Who would benefit from attending: Practitioners, change agents, leaders, social entrepreneurs, policy analysts, grassroots activists, and partners in the arenas of International Development, Organization Development, and Community Development. These may include representatives of any sector (e.g., government, international institutions, philanthropy, civil society, academe, corporations, social entrepreneurs, etc.).

Meeting Frequency: Second Thursday of each month

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