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OD and International/Community Development (OD-ICD) SIG: August 2011

  • 11 Aug 2011
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • JHU Carey School of Business at 1625 Mass Ave., N.W. off of (Dupont Cirlce)


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Date: August 11, 2011

Time: 6:00 to 9 pm, with bring-your-own-dinner and networking starting at 6 pm.

Topic: Reconciling the Irreconcilable: Exploring America's Role as a Peace Maker in the Middle East


The Israel-Palestinian conflict has been one of the most intractable the US has dealt with over the past 60 years. The complexities of the issues and the seemingly irreconcilable differences have kept the two sides from reaching an agreement that both can live with in peace. As remote as the chances are for success the USA has continued for years to pour significant resources into perusing the peace process. Given this continued lack of success the question has to be asked, "What should we be doing differently, first as a country (public opinion) and then in terms of our foreign policy?"

If the two-state solution advocated by the US government did eventually result in a viable peace agreement the benefits for all parties, including the USA, could be enormous.  

The international SIG will explore this question using the organizational Constellation methodology. This innovative process
uses a systemic approach to address a variety of business and professional challenges and arrive at innovative insights and solutions.    

The constellation facilitator for the evening program is Harrison Snow.
Harrison has conducted consulting projects in the region since 2005.
In those 6 years he has gained a first hand experience of the dynamics between Israelis, Palestinians and Americans who work in the same organization.


For the past 22 years Harrison Snow’s mission has been to help raise the performance of an organization to the next level. During that time his mission has taken him to 24 different countries to build teams, develop teamwork and leadership skills, empower employees, resolve conflicts, enhance strategic decision making and inspire change. He is the author of three books on management and teambuilding, the most recent being Tools For Teams.  Harrison has been an active member of CBODN for nearly as long as he has been a consultant and has presented at numerous conferences and professional gatherings. He started his career in the field of outdoor teambuilding and believes from experience that groups learn more when they get out of their chairs and interact standing up.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel your reservation for this event, please contact the SIG leader Frank Page to notify him of that change.

SIG Leader:
Frank Page (fcpage@yahoo.com) | 202-595-4830

Steering Committee:
Oscar Abello (oabello@cipe.org) | 202-5074055
Jenny Lyman (jennifer.lyman25@gmail.com | 202-257-1498)
David Osborne (dosborne@change-fusion.com | 703-939-1777)
Winta Teferi (xxwintex@yahoo.com | 202-595-4830
Priscilla Enner (priscilla.enner@gmail.com | 551-427-7433)

SIG Description: The OD/ICD SIG is a forum for collective learning and exchange among professionals who, in their own work, support development and positive change through collaborative partnerships in the arenas of Organization Development (OD), International Development (ID), and Community Development (CD). The SIG is a multi-directional conversation among participants with diverse worldviews, theories of practice, and partnerships; and a common desire to create positive, sustainable change through trusting, transparent, accountable, and powerful collaborations and organizations. Participants are aware of the challenges and opportunities inherent in issues facing the world (e.g., material poverty, violent conflict, climate change, social injustice, and more).

The SIG is a multi-directional conversation between diverse participants, and draws on presenters from within and without the participant base, prioritizing presentations with experiential components. Because participants lead busy lives, the participant base will be different in each meeting, creating a dynamic and evolving community. 

Who would benefit from attending: Practitioners, change agents, leaders, social entrepreneurs, policy analysts, grassroots activists, and partners in the arenas of International Development, Organization Development, and Community Development. These may include representatives of any sector (e.g., government, international institutions, philanthropy, civil society, academe, corporations, social entrepreneurs, etc.).

Meeting Frequency: Second Thursday of each month

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