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May 2012 Lunching with Leaders - Christina Baldwin | Webinar

  • 09 May 2012
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • webinar


Members Only Webinar with Christina Baldwin

May 9, 2012 @ noon  


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We’re all familiar with storytelling - that age-old art of dramatically repeating an event to integrate experience, to entertain, to prove a point, or shape behavior.  We all know famous storytellers - from hip-hop rappers to Johnny Cash to Dr. Suess.
But, what is “storycatching” and why should it matter to us?  How can we - OD practitioners - use storycatching in our practices to create more powerful substantial relationships for our clients?

Join us on May 9 in a conversation with Christina Baldwin, author of seven books, including Storycatcher and The Circle Way--both of high interest within the OD network.  Christina’s groundbreaking work understanding the power of story and the necessity of circle as a social container for story makes her a global presence in these fields. She has been an author and consultant for more than 30 years and travels the world lecturing, teaching, and facilitating conversations with heart, meaning, and activism.
Christina defines storycatching as a powerful reciprocal process of speaking and listening that calls out authenticity in a respectful environment.  Storycatching, according to Christina, is an essential interactive skill for learning from one other. Through stories we can “inspire values-based action” and understand one another in profound ways. In this talk she will share dynamic intersection of story and circle and relate it to their work in organizational settings.
To glimpse Christina’s career and original contributions, check out her web site:  www.peerspirit.com and don’t forget to register for the May 9th program!

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