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The Human Element Course, Part One (Cornerstone) with Element B (Behavior)

  • 12 Jun 2012
  • 15 Jun 2012
  • Washington, DC

The Human Element Course, Part One (Cornerstone)
with Element B (Behavior)

WASHINGTON, DC, JUNE 12–15, 2012: This three-and-a-half day training opportunity combines the Cornerstone portion of The Human Element Course with our Element B Certification course for a special course fee of only $500.*

The Human Element helps you get to the root of human behavior and create deep, lasting change by embedding high-performance cultures into organizations. During this special 31/2-day combination course, you’ll learn how to:

  • become a more effective leader and manager
  • facilitate the development of high performing teams
  • build collaborative skills and resolve conflict
  • improve customer service
  • improve personal and interpersonal effectiveness
  • use Element B in coaching

The Human Element Course, Part One (Cornerstone) is a three-day course covering the foundational portion of The Human Element program and gives you tools for effective change.

Element B (Behavior) measures our preferences for interpersonal behavior in the areas of Inclusion, Control, and Openness. It shows you how you see others through the lens of your own preferences, and helps you explore the degree to which your behavior is rigid or flexible, in order to maximize your interpersonal effectiveness.

Sign up now for only $500* undefined that’s $300 off the regular course fee, a special offer for CBODN members. Price is per person, including all materials. Snacks included. Lodging, meals and transportation are not included.

Learn more about The Human Element by watching this five-minute video about the evolution of FIRO theory: http://bit.ly/EvolutionOfFIRO.

CBODN members can defer payment until December 31, 2012.  Don't miss this great opportunity!

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