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Organization Constellation Event

  • 14 Jun 2012
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library
Organization Constellation Event

Facilitator: Harrison Snow

Organizational Constellations is a management tool based on systemic thinking for facilitating change and transition, your own and your clients. One of the benefits of this new tool is the freeing up new possibilities for professional and organizational success.
The constellation process can be used in the business world in number of ways, one of the most common is to gain insight into a professional or organizational challenge.   A professional challenge, for example, could be about helping a client resolve a conflict with a boss or colleague or making a choice around taking a new job. Typical organizational challeges could be about finding a way to help a company understand and deal with some dysfunction in its corporate system such as low employee engagement or declining market share. It also could be about gaining insight into a positive challenge such improving an internal process that produces a product or provides a service. 
Whether the issue is professional or organizational, we first have to acknowledge or even agree to "what is" before we are ready to see the opportunities hidden within a specific challenge. Frequently, when someone raises an issue, we find at a deeper level a hidden dynamic that needs to be addressed or at least acknowledged for the essence of the problem to be articulated and understood.
While individual coaching often looks at the relationship dynamics between individuals organizational work is more focused on the system dynamics between groups, things or ideas as well as individuals. The systemic approach maps the key elements of both types of approaches from a 3D perspective allowing useful and even profound insights to be uncovered.
This workshop is for organizational development professionals, facilitators, managers and executive and life coaches who are interested in a new tool for change and transformation.
Bring your workplace challenges and professional goals for yourself, your clients and/or your organization to the workshop.
The facilitator for this workshop is Harrison Snow (teambuildingassociates.com).
Harrison has more than 20 years experience as an organizational development facilitator and has worked with clients in 23 different countries. He leads and facilitates the Organizational Constellation SIG for CBODN in Washington DC.
Here is a comment from a participant in a recent workshop:
Thank you so much for invitation to OC workshop and facilitating a very powerful constellation for me. I feel very liberated and empowered by the experience and gained a lot of insight from observing and participating in constellation of other people in the group.
For more workshop feedback from participants visit:

Contact the Facilitator: Harrison Snow | teambuilder@msn.com

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