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Ask Better Questions: Become a Question Genius

  • 24 Apr 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom


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Ask Better Questions: Become a Question Genius

When the world moves at the speed of technology and thought, how can you have all the answers you need? You cannot!

When every situation, every person, every time and place are unique, how can you have all the answers people need from you? You cannot!

When answers just aren't enough, what can you do? You can ask questions. Who can't ask questions, right? But when the world is as changeable, diverse, and complex as it is, you need better questions. You need to know how to "ask into" the changes you see, the diversity you face, and the complexity that swirls around you! 

At the HSD Institute, we stand in inquiry to see, understand, and influence patterns in our world. Join us to learn more about how to ask questions that will give you the biggest impact. Royce Holladay, a thought leader in the field of Human Systems Dynamics will join us to share ways to enhance your effectiveness by enhancing your questions. 


Royce Holladay, M.Ed., is a self-proclaimed "hunter/gatherer/sharer" of ideas, insights, and possibility in life's complexity. Looking at the world through multiple lenses, she hunts for patterns and unexpected perspectives in times of uncertainty and turbulence. Gathering them to explore and catalogue, she shares them as new connections and ideas she finds true and useful. Royce enjoys seeing a slow, growing recognition, as well as great bursts of ideas that are slightly new, creating a new understanding of reality. 

She uses human systems dynamics (HSD) to support people as they deal with complex changes and challenges. As teacher, consultant, facilitator, and coach, she works with individuals, groups, and organizations to use HSD in as they engage in complex change. Well-grounded in theoretical foundations of HSD, she brings a practitioner's voice to applying the theory, models, and methods to everyday opportunities and challenges.  

Ms .Holladay has co-authored five books and three guides, using HSD as a foundation to see, understand, and influence patterns. Additionally she has published six books of poetry, which is another language she uses to share her perspectives on the complexity of human interactions. As Director of Services in HSD Institute, Ms. Holladay provides leadership in supporting in organizational work with clients, as a thought leader among colleagues around the world, and as a skilled developer of powerful training opportunities and materials.   

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