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CBODN Learning Series - Organizational Transformation: The New Frontier

  • 28 Feb 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom



CBODN Learning Series - Organizational Transformation: The New Frontier 

These days there is an incredible amount of focus on the individual employee, whether through coaching, mentoring, trainings, retreats, and many other efforts. All of that is important, but what can get missed is what is possible BEYOND that. What is possible at the team level, department level, or even the organizational level? What if we worked to transform entire groups, no matter the size, while still offering to support the individuals?

What if we could shift how an entire company does business? That's what we'll explore in this session. We'll look at what it means to be a Transformational Leader. We'll explore what's required to start transforming at the group or organizational level and how you can best be equipped to succeed. We will even share case studies of real success stories of leaders and consultants who led incredible changes in their companies and alongside their clients. Come with us as we explore the new frontier of Organizational Transformation. 

Presenter: Ethan Schutz

Ethan Schutz is President & CEO of The Schutz Company, a boutique consulting firm that has been a pioneer in the human dynamics of breakthrough performance and organizational transformation since 1980.

Ethan has worked closely with thousands of senior leaders from around the world—helping them expand their thinking, awareness, and leadership. His clients have included Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Hunger Project, Northwell Health, NASA, Toyota, and the U.S. Army. He has led transformational projects in the US, UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

He is the global expert on The Human Element® —the innovative methodology that underlies the work of The Schutz Company. He is responsible for developing, evolving, and sharing the methodology, as well as training and licensing new practitioners. He supports the hundreds of active practitioners based in more than a dozen countries around the world.

Ethan is also the leader of Increasing Social Intelligence (ISI), the premiere program offered by Business Consultants Inc., the largest training company in Japan. ISI is a 10-day intensive focused on self-awareness, leadership, and collaboration that has trained over 300 senior executives in Japan.                    

Ethan is a sought-after speaker and thought leader. He has presented on his cutting-edge work across the U.S. and Europe, as well as parts of Asia and South America. His work has found its way into numerous books, articles, podcasts, videos, and a TEDx talk.

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