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Forty years ago, in the Fall of 1984, the National OD Network held their annual conference in Washington DC. Building on that gathering, and acknowledging the momentum for a regional network based in the Washington DC, VA, & MD area, CBODN was born! To honor our anniversary, we are spending time looking back over the history of the organization, both to celebrate where we've come from and to continue building our future.

So much of our history has been shaped by members, volunteers, and other skilled professionals who have left their impact. In other words, YOU!  We would love to hear your story of CBODN (clickable link)! Whether that be a memorable event, an impactful connection, or another impact from your participation, past or present. We look forward to exploring these stories and sharing them together at our Celebration Events in June.

40th Year Celebration Events

An early publication from the national OD Network, highlighting the initial organizing efforts. This also traces the origin of the name CBODN, the Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network.

From this humble beginning, these organizers created the foundation for the organization that is today! Establishing CBODN as an entity, recruiting volunteers, publishing newsletters, and hosting events

An Early CBODN Newsletter

This newsletter was published in 1986, and was the second ever issue (Vol 1, No 2). It is amazing to see some topics that have changed very little, like exploring the role of OD to take on challenging issues in the world, and others which have changed drastically, like the survey on using "Computer Networking" for communication. WOW!!

As an organization, we no longer have a copy of the first ever issue (Vol 1, No1) of the CBODN Newsletter. Do any of our early members still have theirs? Let us know (via "computer networking") at admin@cbodn.org

Who We Are

Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network (CBODN) - is the premier DC Metro area network and community of practice of Organization Development (OD) practitioners. Founded in Chesapeake Bay, MD, our name still pays homage to our founders, and we are grateful for their brilliant minds and vital contributions to the field of OD.


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